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AVCBII project facilitated a learning visit by IUB students on Village Courts


On 7 March 2019, a team of 40 students of Law Department from Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) made a learning visit on Village Courts in union of Gazipur district. This union receives technical supports from Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh Phase II Project financed by EU, GOB and UNDP.

Students participated in a discussion session on Village Courts in presence of Md. Shariful Islam Sarker, Chairman, Moktarpur union parishad (UP), UP members, Secretary and community peoples. They mainly learned about Acts and Rules and services of Village Courts along with interactions with community peoples, beneficiaries about their opinion, remarks on the services, their level of satisfaction etc. They also observed one hearing session to have hands-on experience how a Village Court operates to serve its applicants and respondents, how decisions are taken by panel members in addition to witnessing role of Village Police and Village Court Assistant. In addition, they reviewed some relevant documents i.e. application, village court’s decision etc. Dr. Rana P. Sattar, faculty of IUB was presence as a team leader in this learning visit. Students found this learning session effective and practical, they also thanked to the UP chairman and AVCB II Project for facilitating the visit. Similar visit was also made by IUB students in AVCBII project area last year.