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Engaging youths for promoting village courts


Youths’ Sensitization workshop on Village Courts ServicesIn November 2017, AVCB II Project organized 1,080 workshops with youths at its enlisted unions for raising awareness as well as sensitizing them for spreading messages of village courts’ services among rural people. Major objective of the workshops was to recognize importance as well as engaging youths on promoting messages of village courts to uphold justice and human rights at local levels. Approximately 45,797 youths including college and university students, representatives of youth cooperatives, clubs, member of cultural organizations, farmers, day laborers, workers, businessmen and village doctor etc. participated in these workshops.

In these workshops, participants developed work plans and committed that they would promote village courts among their peers, neighbors, youth clubs and others. Participants learnt benefits of village courts and its process and how they can contribute to raise awareness among rural people from the workshops. In addition, UP chairmen and other key community stakeholders highly recognized contribution of youths in raising awareness on village courts.