Success Story

Smile restoration through Village Court

Md Zahngir Alam, living at 2 no ward of Norottompur union, Begumganj in Noakhali district. His father Delwar Hossain is owner of a small tea stall. He has been living from hand to mouth since young. Md Shajahan and other defendants living in same union and relatives of applicant Zahangir. They had been a conflict regarding a land for last couple of years.

Defendant Sahjahan and others attacked Delwar, father of applicant Zahangir on 23 June 2016. They beaten up Delwar by stick and iron rod, torn out his cloths and swelled his head when he was going to his shop and they took his 18000 BDT. Applicant’s mother and sister heard his screaming and tried to save him from those people. Defendants abused applicant sister and clutched the gold chain of his mother. Meanwhile, people came from adjacent houses, saved Delwar and brought him Upazila Health Complex for treatment. Due to this incident, Zahngir, son of Delwar discussed the issue with local elite and decided to file a case in nearest police station.

Applicant Zahangir filed the case against 4 persons including Shajahan on 25 June 2016 which number is 59. Police considered the matter and sent it to court of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) with prescription of the doctor and witness list.  Defendants got the bail and applicant spent more than 15,000 BDT in different stages for 1 year back and forth. CJM charged defendants on section 323,341 and 506 and sent the case to Village Court as it was under VC jurisdiction.

The case received by Norottompur union parishad on 9 August 2017 and UP informed the applicant. The UP chairman gave order to register the case and summoned defendants. Both parties came to UP and selected their panel members.  The UP chairman formed the Village Court with 4 panel members from both side. The court made its decision on 6 September 2017 after hearing and review of all documents. All jury (5:0) made consent to pay 8,000 BDT by defendant to applicant and both parties will establish a good relationship in next.

After decision both parties got emotional, embraced each other and defendants paid decided amount before court. Nowadays they are living with a good relationship.

The applicant was happy after getting fair decision from VC though he had applied in district court. He expressed his gratitude to VC. He told

“I was not informed VC system which provoked me to apply in Police station. It’s a great opportunity indeed to solve local dispute such a short period with less expenses. I will ask everyone in future to go to union parishad for justice.”